Bookplates for Recently Tenured Faculty 2019

This year, the Pepperdine Libraries honored recently tenured faculty members with bookplates placed in a book of their choosing. The tenured faculty were invited to select a book and write a short description of how it has been influential in their personal or professional life, which was inserted inside the back cover of each book.

The books are currently on display on the first floor of Payson Library, and the faculty selections will be featured in social media posts in the coming weeks. Below is a list of faculty participants (as of August 23rd, 2019), along with a brief excerpt from their statement.

Philip Freeman (Humanities, Seaver College): The Odyssey by Homer, translated by Emily Wilson

The Odyssey is one of the earliest and best stories in literature. This recent translation is excellent and is the first to be done by a female scholar.”

Jason Blakely (Political Science and Social Science Division): Being and Time by Martin Heidegger (revised edition of the Joan Stambaugh translation)

“I first read Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time–the founding text of modern existentialism–when I was 19 years old and attending a small liberal arts college on the East Coast. I was astonished and perplexed. Reading it changed my life. I remember spending many hours in the undergraduate library reading carefully over its pages. I hope a curious Pepperdine undergraduate might read this note and pick up this immensely rich and challenging work.”

Theresa M. de los Santos (Communications, Seaver College): The SAGE Handbook of Media Processes and Effects edited by Robin L. Nabi and Mary Beth Oliver

“This is the book I used the most when learning about media theories and solidifying my research agenda in the area of emotion and news. It continues to be the book I most often pull off the shelf when I need to think deeper about media messages and their impact on audiences. Read it and be inspired by, not afraid of, the power of media and our ability to use it for good.”

Tomas Bogardus (Philosophy, Seaver College): Warranted Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga

“This book is an extraordinary defense of the rationality of religious belief. Also, one can learn an awful lot about how to do philosophy by reading Alvin Plantinga.”

Fiona M. Stewart (Italian Studies, ISL/Seaver College): The Complete Works of Primo Levi by Primo Levi

“I first discovered Primo Levi’s Se questo è un uomo / If This is a Man as an undergraduate. Here, in the hell of Auschwitz, Levi found nourishment for his soul in Dante’s words: “Ye were not made to live like unto brutes, /But for pursuit of virtue and of knowledge”(Inferno XXVI.118-120). These words resonated with me then and still capture my joy of teaching and learning with each new group of students.”

Natasha Thapar-Olmos, Ph.D. (Psychology, GSEP): The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller

“This book is an accessible and powerful work for anyone wishing to better understand themselves and others. It is indispensable for therapists in training, and has withstood the test of time.”

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Bookplates for Recently Tenured Faculty 2019
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