Chief Innovation Officer at USAID to Discuss International Relations Career

Guest Post by Shea McCollum, Library Marketing Assistant.

Please join us on Thursday, March 14th as Chief Innovation Officer as USAID and Pepperdine graduate Alexis Bonnell gives two different talks in the Surfboard Room about pursuing a career in international relations.

Logo for USAID (United States Agency of International Development)
USAID is an agency of the federal government responsible for administering foreign aid and development assistance.

From noon to 1 pm, Bonnell will give her first talk, “Innovation and International Relations”, in which she will discuss the power of science, technology, innovation, and partnership in the development of international relations. From 2 to 3 PM, Bonnell will be giving her second talk, “Reflections on Life and Career: From Pepperdine to the UN, USAID, and Beyond” in which she will share about her personal and professional journey, touching on how Pepperdine helped springboard her into her impressive career in international relations.

Still of Alexis Bonnell, Chief Innovation Officer at USAID
Alexis Bonnell, Chief Innovation Officer at USAID

Over the course of her career, Bonnell has helped to fundraise and deliver over a billion dollars of humanitarian and development programming in over 25 countries. She served as one of the founding members of the U.S. Global Development Lab at USAID and was the founder of both the Global Innovation Exchange and Global Innovation Week. Bonnell has been recognized by various teams within USAID for her ability to build coalitions around innovative approaches. Join us to hear more about what the possibilities for a career in international relational and Bonnell’s journey to becoming a Chief Officer at USAID.

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Chief Innovation Officer at USAID to Discuss International Relations Career
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