Popular Digital Magazines Now Available on Flipster!

Get instant access to popular magazines from Pepperdine University Libraries with Flipster!

Students, faculty, and staff can now access popular digital magazines using Flipster from EBSCO Information Services. Flipster is a next-generation magazine service that allows people to browse digital versions of the latest issues of popular magazines, courtesy of Pepperdine University Libraries.

Pepperdine University Libraries provides access to Flipster  versions of magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Vogue, and more, so patrons have the option of accessing the content remotely. Magazines can be downloaded to Android phones and tablets, Apple phones and tables, and Kindle Fire tablets for offline reading anytime, anywhere.

Flipster offers an easy, browse-able reading experience. Users can browse magazines by category as well as perform searches for specific periodicals. An online newsstand provides a carousel of the most recent issues, as well as a carousel of all issues allowing for quick access to magazines. The table of contents contains links for quick access to articles of interest and hotlinks within magazines are hyperlinked, opening in separate tabs when clicked. In addition, there is an option to zoom in and out for better readability.

Start reading digital magazines here!

For more information, visit our InfoGuide at http://infoguides.pepperdine.edu/flipsterguide.




Popular Digital Magazines Now Available on Flipster!