New & Improved Swank Digital Campus!

The new and improved Swank Digital Campus platform is now live! Swank has switched to the Google Widevine browser plugin, which allows users to watch films in the Chrome browser and allows mobile and tablet streaming via the Swank app (Swank Media Player).

Get the iOS Swank Media Player App here or Android Swank Media Player App here!

Click here to access Pepperdine’s licensed Swank films.

Pepperdine University Libraries provides campus-wide access to streaming films through Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Digital Campus allows students to legally view course-assigned films inside or outside the classroom for the purpose of research, teaching and private study. These films can then be streamed at students’ convenience; eliminating competition for limited copies of DVDs. Swank has made a few changes to its platform which will hopefully improve the user experience this semester.

Swank Digital Campus streams feature films for curriculum support and is easily accessible to an unlimited number of students. Films can be streamed whether students are on or off campus.  Swank offers a wide selection of streamable titles for faculty and staff seeking to enhance the academic experience with streaming video. All new films feature closed captions and some older films do as well; Swank will add captions upon request.

Please contact Sally Bryant or Jeremy Whitt with any questions.


New & Improved Swank Digital Campus!
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