Pepperdine Libraries’ Digital Commons Celebrates 1 Million Downloads

In February, Pepperdine Libraries’ Digital Commons—Pepperdine University’s online scholarship repository and publishing platform—achieved 1 million downloads. The lucky millionth article was written by James White for the journal Leaven and titled Helping Teens Develop Authentic Relationships—appropriate given that the milestone was achieved on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Pepperdine Digital Commons is the university’s centralized platform for Pepperdine journals, faculty websites, conference proceedings, exemplary student research, and other e-scholarship. It is the Libraries’ mission to make Pepperdine’s scholarly output accessible, secure, and search engine optimized for online discovery.

Said Dean of Libraries, Mark Roosa “Pepperdine Libraries’ Digital Commons serves the Pepperdine community of researchers in two important ways: it provides a secure and central repository for archiving the incredible academic work taking place at our institution, and a means for sharing that work with scholars around the world.”

The most popular paper of 2014 was Trial Objections from Beginning to End: The Handbook for Civil and Criminal Trials, followed closely by What Happens to Our Facebook Accounts When We Die?: Probate Versus Policy and the Fate of Social-Media Assets Postmortem. The most popular journals were the Pepperdine Law Review, which produced these two articles, and Leaven: A Journal of Christian Ministry.

Be sure to check out our new global downloads map for Pepperdine Libraries’ Digital Commons and watch the downloads pop-up in real time.


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Pepperdine Libraries’ Digital Commons Celebrates 1 Million Downloads