Exhibit on the Early Years at George Pepperdine College Opens in Payson Library

This blog post was written by Lindsey Sommer, Special Collections and University Archives Intern.

September 6, 1972, marked the first day of class for students at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Prior to that time, the campus was located in the Vermont Knolls area of Los Angeles, a few miles south of downtown. Students at George Pepperdine College were involved in all sorts of activities. Some wrote for the student newspaper the Graphic, while others were involved in theatre, athletics, fraternities, or sororities. On display are a variety of materials illustrating students at George Pepperdine College from 1937 to the 1960s, participating in these activities, shown through historic photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, scrapbooks, uniforms and memorabilia. The exhibit is divided into four sections: 1. General Student Life, 2. Athletics, 3. Performing Arts, and 4. Sororities and Fraternities.

Section 1: General Student Life


Homecoming images, such as the one seen here from 1961, show potential homecoming queens arrayed on the lawn at Pepperdine College. Also on display are images of student photographers for the Graphic, and an early Beanie worn by students attending Pepperdine college.



Section 2: Athletics

pepperdine.contentdm.oclc.orgThe athletics case features Football memorabilia and photographs, featuring men’s NCAA football team (seen here in 1946-1947) as well as an image of the women’s intramural football team. Additionally, on display is an original Pep Club uniform from 1939 and programs from men’s football games.


Section 3: Performing Arts

pepperdine.contentdm.oclc.orgAdditionally, on view are several programs and historic photographs showing student participation in the fine arts, such as an image from the 1959 production of the King and I, which can be seen with the original program. Viewers may also see original art show announcements and images of the Pepperdine College singing group the Singing Travelers.


Section 4: Sororities and Fraternities.

pepperdine.contentdm.oclc.orgFinally, a selection of memorabilia and photographs show students participating in Greek life at Pepperdine College, with scrapbooks, rush pins, and fraternity mugs. For example, in the photograph to the left, pledges can be seen pushing marbles down a corridor in Baxter Hall in 1942.


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Exhibit on the Early Years at George Pepperdine College Opens in Payson Library