Lindsey Gant Selected as Library Outstanding Student Worker of the Year!

Lindsey Gant has worked in the library for the past two years. This year, she was not only selected as the Library Student Worker of the Year but she was also a finalist for Outstanding Student Worker for the entire university! Lindsey switched from working in the Digital Initiatives Department to working in Special Collections and University Archives last fall and has been a huge help.

(Lindsey with her award and fancy chocolates!)

Lindsey has worked on many important projects for us. We received a large grant from NHPRC to organize, describe, and make available our archival collections to students, faculty, staff, and the community. Lindsey has helped by assisting members of the Special Collections team with creating finding aids for at least eighteen collections. These finding aids are published online through the Online Archive of California.

Collections that Lindsey has worked on include:

Churches of Christ Church Programs and Weekly Bulletins 1948-1968

Fetzer (Joel S.) Papers 1983-2012

George Pepperdine College Records 1937-1970s

Morris M. Womack Research Materials on J.P. Sanders 1970s-1980s

Pepperdine University Accreditation Collection 1953-1993

Pepperdine University Archives Publications

Pepperdine University Bulletins, Catalogs and Schedule of Classes 1937-2012

Pepperdine University Convocations, Founder’s Day and Presidential Inaugurations collection 1958-2006

Pepperdine University Credits Committee Records 1967-1996

Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management Records 1968-2013

Pepperdine University Management Committee (UMC) Records 1992-2008

Pepperdine University Operations Planning Committee (OPS) Records 1974-1987

Pepperdine University Policy Committee (UPOL) Records 1983-1992

Pepperdine University School of Law Records 1969-2013

Pepperdine University School of Public Policy Records 1996-2013

Sanders (J.P.) Sermons 1973-1986

Sigmon (Loyd C.) Papers 1945-2008

Southern California Youth Citizenship Seminar Records 1983-2005

Lindsey also played a key role in preparing for our “Becoming America: An Exhibition of Colonial Documents” exhibit which was on display from October, 2012 to April, 2013. She did research for captions and helped with the layout of the materials.

She researched four of our Pepperdine audio recordings which needed to be digitized. She searched through old issues of the Graphic to locate information regarding their context to write about their significance. We submitted her descriptions to the California Audiovisual Preservation Project which digitizes recordings with statewide significance. All four recordings were selected for digitization based on Lindsey’s research, ability to make a strong case for their statewide significance, and need for preservation.

Lindsey also attended the 7th annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar in October 2012. She served as a representative for our department answering questions about our collections and services that we provide.

(Lindsey and Katie Richardson exhibit some of the materials from Special Collections and University Archives at the Archives Bazaar)

Lindsey has been a wonderful employee. She has all of the qualities we look for in an amazing student worker. She is always on time, friendly, reliable, detail-oriented, flexible, and an excellent writer. She has a strong desire to preserve history for future generations and is passionate about what our department does.  If you see Lindsey around campus, please congratulate her on this award!

For questions about Special Collections and University Archives or job opportunities in the department, please contact Katie Richardson at

Lindsey Gant Selected as Library Outstanding Student Worker of the Year!