Pepperdine Bible Lectures Finding Aid Online and Ready for Research

Another finding aid from Special Collections and University Archives is available on the Online Archive of California! The Pepperdine Bible Lectures collection (processed as part of the NHPRC project) is briefly described below.

The Pepperdine University Bible Lectures, coordinated by the Office of Church Relations, began in January 1943 and is an annual (sometimes semiannual) series of talks held at Pepperdine on religious and scriptural issues.  The Pepperdine University Bible Lectures collection includes paper materials (including programs, correspondence, and other items) and audio recordings taken during Pepperdine Bible Lectures held in Los Angeles (beginning in 1943) and Malibu (beginning in 1973).  Click here to view the finding aid.

If you are interested in seeing a program from any of the Bible Lectures, or listening to audio from lectures starting in 1972, consider making an appointment to see the collection! (Some years also have correspondence and other papers, but the bulk of the collection is programs and audio.) For more information about the collection, or to set up an appointment, please email

Unfamiliar with this annual event?  Bible Lectures at Pepperdine is a long tradition — spring lectures have been held every year since 1943 (except for 1957) and additional summer lectures were also held for a few decades.  People from all over the United States and around the world travel to Pepperdine for a week to listen to a great number of speakers — sessions are packed in all day, including lectures during meals and large evening talks.  Entire families arrive to stay on campus, either living in the dorms or setting up mobile homes in campus parking lots.  Pie and coffee is served nightly to benefit student scholarships.  The Bible Lectures site is part of Pepperdine’s website, and includes information about the upcoming lectures, frequently asked questions, and a brief history of Bible Lectures.

1962 was celebrated at Bible Lectures as the centennial of the Restoration Movement; that year was also the last time George Pepperdine attended the lectures in March.  Mr. Pepperdine later died at the end of July, 1962.  Mr. Pepperdine can just barely be seen at the right side of a picture of the closing lecture (10,000 people attended!) on the Bible Lectures history page.

(The following images are from the Pepperdine Bible Lectures collection.  Click the pictures to view them larger.)

The cover and inside first two pages of the 1962 Bible Lectures program.

A large flyer (outside back and outside front, and inside left and right, respectively) advertises a charter flight from Nashville, Memphis and Dallas directly to Los Angeles to attend the Bible Lectures.  Another attractive prospect was the option to add excursions to Disneyland, Hollywood, and Knott’s Berry Farm!

Pepperdine Bible Lectures Finding Aid Online and Ready for Research
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