Shakespeare’s Plays Direct to Your Desktop

Pepperdine has licensed streaming video of the 37 BBC Shakespeare plays through Ambrose Digital Video. The plays are chaptered by acts. Ambrose Digital Video is a streaming video service that allows students and faculty to watch content online. Ambrose Video 2.0 is 100% closed captioned and streams are viewable directly through browser to all mobile devices, including iPads and iPods.  Closed captioning can be turned off by clicking on the CC in the upper right corner of the screen.

The BBC Television Shakespeare is a set of television adaptations of the plays  of William Shakespeare, produced by the BBC between 1978 and 1985.  “For many collections, the BBC Shakespeare series was among the earliest and
most significant acquisitions. At Berkeley and many other institutions, the series has come to be regarded as the canon against which other Shakespeare
performances on film are measured and compared…”
-Gary Handman, Director, Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley

Shakespeare’s Plays Direct to Your Desktop
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