Project Muse continues to grow, adding five new titles

The following journals, previously announced as joining Project MUSE, are now online:

** From the Penn State University Press:  Interdisciplinary Literary Studies

The hallmark of research today is “interdisciplinary,” and Interdisciplinary Literary Studies exemplifies the diversity, complexity, and rewards of integrating literary study with other methodologies. Drawing upon a broad base of critical theories and applying these to a wide range of literary genres, contributors reward us with daring interpretations, such as a mathematical reading of triangles in Robert Frost’s poetry or an “engaged Buddhist response to trauma” reading of Le Ly Hayslip’s Child of War, Woman of Peace. Editor Kenneth Womack, an author of both nonfiction and fiction (including John Doe No. 2 and the Dreamland Motel [Switchgrass, 2010]) has placed Interdisciplinary Literary Studies squarely in the middle of the conversation.

** From the Penn State University Press:  Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal

If “interdisciplinary” connotes anything, it should be improved communication across disciplines that fosters mutual understanding. This, in turn, advances our understanding of the deeply complex ethical and moral issues facing our world today. Acknowledging the need for diversity and integrity in speaking to these issues, Soundings promotes dialogue, reflection, inquiry, discussion, and action. These activities are informed by scholarship and by the acknowledgement of the civil and social responsibilities of academe to engage the world beyond the ivory tower.

** From the Penn State University Press:  Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

One particularly “hot topic” in education today is “assessment.” How do institutions learn about emerging trends in assessment? What pressing questions do all institutions face when it comes to assessing the quality and effectiveness of student learning? What are the best practices in promoting institutional effectiveness in the educational enterprise? The Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, publishes scholarly research on the assessment of student learning at the course, program, institutional, and multi-institutional levels as well as more broadly focused scholarship on institutional effectiveness in relation to mission and merging directions in higher education assessment. JAIE is a publication of the New England Educational Assessment Network (, established in 1955 and recognized as one of the leaders in supporting best practices and resources in educational assessment.

** From the Slavica Publishers:  Pushkin Review

The Pushkin Review is a bi-lingual, peer-reviewed journal published annually in print and online by the North American Pushkin Society, in cooperation with the International Pushkin Society. The journal features new scholarly articles, translations of Pushkin, reprints of hard-to-obtain Pushkiniana, and book reviews.

** From the African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison:  African Economic History

African Economic History, published once a year by the African Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, focuses on recent economic change in Africa as well as the colonial and precolonial economic history of the continent.

Project Muse continues to grow, adding five new titles
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