The Malibu hills before Pepperdine: A before-and-after slideshow

“I looked and found the center of the Malibu miracle: tall rugged mountains meandering gracefully down across the verdant meadow and melting into the sea. Point Dume and the Santa Barbara Channel Islands sparkled in the distance. In the soft foreground were the 138 acres destined to be Pepperdine’s home.”

These are the words of former Pepperdine University President William S. Banowsky in his recent memoir The Malibu Miracle recalling his first impression of the virgin Malibu foothills now home to Pepperdine University. The year was 1968. By the fall of 1972, Pepperdine’s campus in Malibu opened its doors, beginning a new chapter for the university, now inextricably linked with the celebrated, but quiet coastal community.

The 75th anniversary of Pepperdine University, which we celebrate this year, contains within it a second milestone: the 40th anniversary of Pepperdine in Malibu. In recognition of this occasion, we’ve reached into the archives to find images of these familiar Malibu hills as President Banowsky saw them in 1968 before construction.

Follow this link to the University Archives digital photograph collection, and see if you can recognize the rugged landscapes and vistas captured by photographers on the Malibu property in the late 1960s.

Then check out this before-and-after slideshow to see the same photographic perspectives separated by four decades.


The Malibu hills before Pepperdine: A before-and-after slideshow
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