PsycTESTS database now available

PsycTESTS ™ serves as a repository for the full text of psychological tests and measures, as well as a rich source of structured information about the tests.  A wide variety of test types are included in the database, including achievement and aptitude tests, intelligence tests, tests of cognitive functioning, occupational tests, personality tests, and so on.  In-depth indexing of the tests and related information allows users to quickly identify the availability of tests in a certain area and to find helpful information for research and studies.

PsycTESTS includes descriptive summaries, full text, and relevant citations on the development and assessment of tests and measures that can be used in research and teaching. These include previously unpublished measures, tests developed by psychologists for which no source document has been located, and information about published tests available from commercial publishers.

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Updated monthly.

PsycTESTS database now available
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