Library Hack – Help for your New Year’s Resolution to Read More

In writing to a university community which undoubtedly reads a lot in the normal course of business, a New Year’s resolution to “read more”  is less about a quantity of material consumed and more about the mental list we all have of the books or articles we would like to read.

WorldCat Lists is a great tool to create, share, and annotate collections of books, articles, DVDs, etc.

Here are a few brief (no audio) screencasts  (using my New Year’s resolution as an example) to show you how easy it is to use WorldCat Lists.


  • Pepperdine University Libraries already uses WorldCat Local
    • you can quickly see whether your lists contains items Pepperdine owns/has access to
    • if Pepperdine does not have access to the item, requesting it through Interlibrary Loan is quick and easy
  • Lists can be private or public
  • You can add notes to the items on your list (e.g., thoughts about the book, how long I took to read it)
  • Because WorldCat Lists is separate from your Pepperdine Library account, your lists stay with you, even, for example, after you graduate
  • Encourage others to read – viewers of your list can quickly find books in your list at their local library
Library Hack – Help for your New Year’s Resolution to Read More
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