Saint John’s Bible in the News

Here at the library, we are very excited about our newest major acquisition, a Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible. Our excitement must be contagious because the Saint John’s Bible keeps popping up in the Pepperdine news. Last week’s Graphic featured an article on the libraries’ acquisition of the Bible. You can read the article (page A2) here.

Pepperdine Magazine also featured the Saint John’s Bible in their most recent issue, which came out this week. You can check out the article here. It includes stunning photographs taken by the university’s own Ron Hall.

It’s not just Pepperdine that’s getting excited about the Saint John’s Bible. The original was just finished this year, and the Bible is getting all kinds of press, including a recent spot on the Today Show, which you can see here. In this clip, the creative director of the project and scribe to the Queen of England, Donald Jackson, talks about his experience working on this project that began over 15 years ago.

The Pepperdine Libraries continue to feature the Saint John’s Bible in events both on and off campus; stay tuned to the library’s website for more. You can always see prints from the Saint John’s Bible on the upper floor gallery of Payson Library. If you’d like to take a look at the Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition up close, contact Melissa Nykanen (, 310-266-2944) or stop by the Special Collections Reading Room, also on the upper floor of Payson.

The Saint John's Bible in the Special Collections Reading Room in Payson Library

Saint John’s Bible in the News