IBISWorld provides industry research and analysis

Pepperdine University Libraries recently subscribed to the IBISWorld database that covers over 700 industries of the U.S. economy.  Also available are Global Market Research Reports that analyze 75 of the largest industries on a world-wide scale.

The U.S. Industry Market Research Reports contain key statistics, industry conditions, market characteristics, industry performance, external market drivers, key success factors, and 5-year revenue forecasts for each US industry. The charts and graphs download into Excel, and detailed written analysis provides explanations and insights.

The Global Industry Research Reports follow the same structure and format as the US reports and, in addition, include a regional breakdown of the major production centers and markets for each industry.

IBISWorld provides in-depth coverage of the underlying structures and external economic forces that drive each industry, as well as the interrelationships between those industries. Each report is presented in an objective, easy to understand format and is available online to view or download in HTML and PDF format, with charts & graphs that are downloadable to Excel.

IBISWorld provides industry research and analysis
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