Just in Time for Thanksgiving

  The Irvine library was notified that a favorite juvenile book was missing from the Payson library:  Pardon that Turkey:  How Thanksgiving Became a Holiday, by Susan Sloate, illustrated by Christian Slade.  [Dewey  394.2649.S634p]   After an intensive search, this treasured story about Thanksgiving was discovered to be on our juvenile bookshelf.  The book became our acquisition just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  

 Have you ever wondered why do we eat turkey at Thanksgiving?

Here is the answer according to coolquiz.com

One story tells of how Queen Elizabeth of 16th century England was enjoying a feast of roast goose during a harvest festival. When news was delivered to her that the Spanish Armada had sunk on it way to attack her beloved England, the queen was so pleased that she order a second goose to celebrate the great news. Thus, the goose became the favorite bird at harvest time in England. When the Pilgrims arrived in America from England, roasted turkey replaced roasted goose as the main cuisine because wild turkeys were more abundant and easier to find than geese.

EatTurkey.com, the website for the National Turkey Federation has a different explanation:

Some experts think the first Thanksgiving dinner was served by the Pilgrims in 1621. Others credit the settlers of Virginia’s Jamestown with celebrating the first Thanksgiving as their version of England’s ancient Harvest Home Festival.

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, supposedly as a response to a campaign organized by magazine editor Sara Joseph Hale. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving Day forward one week, as it is presently celebrated.

Our book for young readers, Pardon that Turkey, strongly suggests that Sarah Hale is to be credited with the turkey’s prominent role in American history.  Sarah was a writer and editor of a popular magazine for women.  Her letters to politicians and presidents led to an acknowledgement by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 that a national holiday would unite our country.  Thereafter, Thanksgiving is celebrated yearly on the last Thursday in November.   

 The Irvine library’s children’s collection supports the graduate education programs, as well as graduate students and faculty with children.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast whether it is turkey, ham, roast beef, or fish, and save of piece of pumpkin pie for later. 

Just in Time for Thanksgiving