Dorothy Stotsenberg and Marian Hall Headline One Book, One City, Malibu-Living History

This past Saturday members of both the Pepperdine and Malibu communities gathered in the Payson Library on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus to celebrate the history and heritage of Malibu-Living History as told through the eyes of longtime residents Dorothy Stotsenberg and Marian Hall.

If you missed this event, listen to or watch the video of the conversation at this link in Pepperdine on iTunes U!

Stotsenberg, author of My Fifty Years in Malibu, relays her stories and experiences of the early days of Malibu, dating back to her arrival as a young women in the 1940’s.  Hall, author of Malibu: California’s Most Famous Seaside Community, explores the time line of the region through her chronological exploration of historic photographs and depictions of Malibu inhabitants from the Chumash Indians to those living in Malibu today.

Stotsenberg and her husband Ed moved to Malibu in 1949, which she recalled in an interview with the Malibu Times.  “At that time, PCH was just two lanes and the lights of the trucks coming down from San Francisco would shine through our bedroom window,” Stotsenberg recalls. “We were always drawn to the water so, in 1952, we bought a house on Carbon Beach.”

In time, the Stotsenbergs became some of Pepperdine’s most generous philanthropists, providing scholarships for students participating in track or studying journalism, and substantially supporting programs in the performing arts including the Stotsenberg Recital Series, and the Parkening International Guitar Competition. Her book, which was released in 2005 was highly celebrated by the Pepperdine community in A Women on the Go.

Hall, who joined the Malibu community in 1973, shared with the Malibu Times, that she was also drawn to the natural surroundings of Malibu.  “I came at this book from a  nature perspective, to show how beautiful and varied our city is, along with our history and the unique people who live here.”

The Pepperdine University Libraries partnered with One Book, One City-Malibu for the second time this year, as the community strives to promote literacy and community dialogue.  Last year’s program featured author of Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson, who inspired over 500 people in his sold out lecture in Smothers Theatre.

This year’s more intimate program featured short talks by both authors and photographer Nick Rodionoff, as well as a time for questions from the audience.  The program ended by giving attendees the opportunity to purchase the books from Diesel, A Bookstore which were then signed by each writer.

The Pepperdine Libraries are currently developing the Malibu Historical Collection, which will feature historic photos, letters, newspapers, books, maps, diaries, property deeds, films, and oral histories, that will help both scholars and members of the community explore the depths of Malibu’s history.  The Pepperdine Libraries have partnered with One Book, One City-Malibu, in order to raise awareness about the importance of preserving local history and to share the vision of the Malibu Historical Collection with local residents.

All were invited to join in the festivities beginning at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, March 27th at the Pepperdine University Payson Library.  Attendees were able to meet the authors and survey a number of historic photos of Malibu.  Parking was available, free of charge, in the Smother’s Theatre parking lot, at the entrance to Seaver College, adjacent to the Payson Library.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amy Adams at (310) 506-6785 or by email at

Dorothy Stotsenberg and Marian Hall Headline One Book, One City, Malibu-Living History